Sheath stripping tools

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Reference : PAD 20 30 B PB

Type B lead strippers pliers

Use :
Remove lead tubing from cables insulated with impregnated paper.
Non-cutting blades chase the lead before removal.

Characteristics :
ø 20 to 55 mm
4 circular cutting blades
1 longitudinal cutting blade
Twin lateral hinge device
Complies with SERECT technical specifications: LV Live working n° 539

Non-insulated Aluminum model
Grey ergonomic handle
ENEDIS Name no : 07 83 682
Size : 283 x 78 x 80 mm

Using advice : 

- After having prepared and determined the length of the lead tubing to be removed.
- Draw two parallel longitudinal lines spaced about 10 mm apart.
- Draw the circular line to the limit.
- Remove the tab obtained in this way.
- Remove the remaining lead tube

Accessoires :
Longitudinal cutting wheel 3 mm :
  Ref MB30 PB2

KIT 4 circular cutting wheels depth 2 mm :
  Ref KIT PB 20

Storage bag, reference SAC KT

Weight : 0.72 Kg

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