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Reference : R2093

TRMS digital multimeter AC/DC

Use :
Voltmeter, Ammeter, Ohmmeter, thermometer,
capacitance meter, frequency meter.
Electromagnetic field detector
Contactless voltage presence detector
Continuity and diode tester
(Response time < 100 μs)

General information :
MAX/MIN value, average and peak value (PEAK)
Automatic and manual ranging
High resolution and fast response time
Analogue bargraph.
Long-term PC measurement campaign.
Automatic shut down.
Relative zero mode.
Electromagnetic field detector
Contactless voltage presence detector
Microwave frequency detection.
Peak factor mode, instantaneous PEAK measurement value
NMRR mode. Rejection of unwanted AC noise, caused by
inaccurate DC measurements.
CMRR mode. Rejection of the effects of existing residual
voltages between the common and the input.

Features :
«Autocheck» mode. Automatic recognition of AC or DC
when the leads are connected to the system.
Electrically insulated RS232 interface (optional software)
Voltage test with a bandwidth up to 20 kHz.
BEEP-GUARD: Audible alarm when test leads poorly connected.

Supplied with:
1 MD 9050.
1 shockproof case.
2 test probes.
1 thermocouple sensor
1 9V battery
1 Instruction manual

USB interface + adapter
Carrying bag : R2128

Weight : -

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