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Reference : KIT TST VE2

Tool / PPE / CPE kit for live working on electric vehicles according to NFC 18 505 2 1

Live working OPERATIONS on vehicles and machinery include the following :

• Assembly of components or BATTERIES OF ACCUMULATORS to create BATTERY PACKS.
• Removal of BATTERY PACKS or batteries from vehicles.
• Fitting of BATTERY PACKS or batteries in vehicles.
• Replacement of one or more battery cells or components.
• Maintenance of terminals, bare connections or battery bodies.
• Disassembly of a BATTERY PACK or BOX

You can change the kit according to your needs

Weight : -

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Photo Ref ENEDIS Nomenclature Quantity Description
catalogue_dis18-1_53c7cb8b54850_.jpg DIS18 07.83.230 1 Hybrid cable cutters
DISQUE C11P - 1 Prohibition signs for electrical hazards - "Appareil condamné-Défense de manouvrer "
R6016 - 1 Banner sign - "Installation sous tension-Danger de mort "
R6010 1 - 1 Red/white hazard warning tape
R2179 - 1 Digital insulation tester
C25 - 5 Cross head insulating cable end caps
PSD 100 37.13.064 4 Synthetic fixing clamp
catalogue_r2077-2014-1_542409801f018_.jpg R2077 - 1 LV voltage absence tester and phase rotation up to 690V
BCB50 07.83.528 1 Insulated brush for battery terminals
CCD4-20-3/8-P8C - 1 Case 4-20 Nm reversible ratchet torque wrenche, square 3/8" (9,53 mm) Model P8C
SEP1 - 1 PPE storage bag
R2128 - 1 Storage pouch for measurement equipment
CADP-38P-RO - 1 Lockout padlocks made from insulating material
VEGA - 1 VEGA Electrician helmet with face shield Fitted with folding anti-flash textile to protect the ears
TB 6.5X150 IS 07.80.120 1 Insulated screwdriver for slot head screws
TB 8X150 IS 07.80.122 1
CRU 6X125 IS 07.80.275 1 Insulated Phillips cross-head screwdriver
CRU 8X150 IS 07.80.281 1
DH22C - 1 Hybrid bent nose pliers with removable tips
MAT C0 1X06 - 1 Class 0 insulating mat
NI C0 1.3X25 03 ----- 1 Insulating sheet
NIA 90X50 05 37.13.283 2 Insulating sheets with adhesive strips
Choose - 1

Tool and PPE carrier
Length 45 cm / height 28 cm / depth 26 cm
Empty weight : 2000 g / maxi load: 25 kg
Waterproof semi-rigid polyethylene body
Waterproof expandable flap made from polyester coated
with PVC on both sides
1 central compartment and a foldable compartment with bandoleers
1 removable tray with bandoleers
1 mesh pocket for documents and gloves under the flap
Polyamide clasps
Centre handles for carrying
1 shoulder strap

Choose - 1

Class : 0
Withstand voltage :  ≤ 1000 V
Special properties : R - C

Insulating gloves made of specially treated latex to obtain high dielectric characteristics.
Complies with standards : EN CEI 60903CE marking.
Material : natural latex.

A = Acid
C = Very low temperature T°
H = Oil
R = A+H+Z
Z = Ozone

Choose - 1

American model with cuffs.
Silicone-coated waterproof leather over-gloves with five fingers
American cup with webbed thumb. 100 mm thick leather cuff for protection of the forearm.
Velcro on back.

Small and medium handling, to be used as over-gloves for insulating gloves.
These gloves are designed to provide protection against mechanical hazards.

Performance level:
Abrasion 3
Cutting 1
Tearing 2
Perforation 2

Complies with standards :
NF EN 420.
General requirements for gloves.
NF EN 388.
Protective glove against mechanical hazards.

Size of over-glove to be selected based on the class and size of the insulating gloves (see table)

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