Sheath stripping tools

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Stripping tool

Use: Stripping outer sheathing

Capacity: up to Ø 20 mm

Field of application
NFC 33-209 twisted insulated low-voltage cables: 16², 25², 35², 50², 54.6², 70², 95², 150².
Cables for sheathed high-voltage 54.6², 148² (ASTER GAINE).
Note: For other types of cables too.

Thermoplastic handle on which an HSS steel blade is fixed for stripping a cable. 
An end socket, chosen according to the cable gauge, is placed on the end of the handle and fastened by a manual screw.

A stop, adjustable between 10 to 100 mm allows the desired measurement.
A fixed stop allows stripping of 160 mm of the 148 mm² sheathed bridge - and this in turn can be fixed to a male hex bit and be used with a portable electric screwdriver.
Available with a plastic box, see reference: MULTI DENUDEUR PLAST

Weight : -

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