Storage bag, saddlebags and boxes

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Reference : TU100 / TU125

Storage tube for insulating profiles, blankets and mats

3 mm-thick PVC tube with a screw cap at the end and a carrying handle.
Possibility of marking to identify the contents 

Other sizes, please consult us.


Ref Dimension Weight  
TU100 1200 Inner: Ø94 x 1100 mm - Total length : 1200 mm 1.6 Kg
TU125 1200 Inner: Ø118 x 1100 mm -Total length: 1200 mm 2.8 Kg
TU100 1600 Inner: Ø94 x 1500 mm - Total length: 1600 mm 2 Kg
TU125 1600 Inner: Ø118 x 1500 mm - Total length: 1600 mm 3.6 Kg
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