Sheath stripping tools

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Reference : KIT OD PE PVC PB

Set of stripper for PE, PVC, Lead, Ø 25 to 80 mm

Remark :

The tool OD PE PVC PB supplied alone comes with :

One External square T wrench 3/8’’  T200-75 NI.
One blade MB20-AL.
One lead blade MB20-PB2

Weight : 2.2 Kg


Photo Ref ENEDIS Nomenclature Quantity Description
ECARTE DT - 1 HVA Cable preparation tools, for flaring the outer sheath
SAC KT - 1 Storage and carrying pouch
OD PE PVC PB 07.57.989 1 Stripper for PE, PVC, Lead, Ø 25 to 80 mm
MB02-AL - 3 Cutting blade for PAD , PBT model B and OD PE PVC PB
T200 75 NI - 1 Uninsulated external square T wrench 3/8’’ (9,53 mm)
MB20-PB2 - 1 Lead blade doubles cutting (no-cutting) depth 2 mm

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