Pole and steel strap mountings

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Reference : BIP260PF / R5185 / R3050

PVC coated stainless steel cable tie for overhead to underground line

PVC coated stainless steel cable tie.
Fits to already mounted 20mm wide steel strap.
Anti-slip system by folding down the 4 side tabs

Complies with standard: HN 33S62 (1997). (BIP260PF)


Ref Characteristics Conditioning Dimension ENEDIS Nomenclature Weight  
BIP260PF Capacity Ø27 to 62 mm 100 250 x 20 mm 68.27.802 0.05 Kg
R5185 Capacity Ø50 to 85 mm 100 345 x 20 mm 68.39.813 0.07 Kg
R3050 Capacity Ø30 to 50 mm 150 200 x 20 mm 68.39.812 0.04 Kg
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