Pole and steel strap mountings

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Reference : CPBP

PVC coated cable tie with wrap-round strap for pole

PVC coated stainless steel strap.
10 mm width, to mount on the pole (a fixed mounting point to position in the angle and a mobile mounting point to fold down the end of the strap)
A cable tie Ref: BIP 120PF is fastened to the strap for tying the cable (Ø10 to 22 mm capacity)

Note: CPBP 350 suitable for 55 mm square posts


Ref Conditioning Dimension ENEDIS Nomenclature Weight  
CPBP350 100 350 mm 68.28.742 0.026 Kg
CPBP1000 10 1000 mm 68.28.750 0.07 Kg
CPBP1300 10 1300 mm 68.28.752 0.08 Kg
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