Individual protection equipment kit

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Reference : DE3G0 (00)

Personal protective equipment kit

You can change the kits according to your needs

Personal protective equipment kit including :

Weight : -


Photo Ref ENEDIS Nomenclature Quantity Description
SAC GANT - 1 Storage bag for insulating gloves
Choose - 1

Class : 00
Withstand voltage :  ≤ 500 V
Special properties : A - Z - C

Insulating gloves made of specially treated latex to obtain high dielectric characteristics.
Complies with standards : EN CEI 60903, CE marking.
Material : natural latex.

A = Acid
C = Very low temperature T°
H = Oil
R = A+H+Z
Z = Ozone

Choose - 1

American model with cuffs.
Silicone-coated waterproof leather over-gloves with five fingers
American cup with webbed thumb. 100 mm thick leather cuff for protection of the forearm.
Velcro on back.

Small and medium handling, to be used as over-gloves for insulating gloves.
These gloves are designed to provide protection against mechanical hazards.

Performance level:
Abrasion 3
Cutting 1
Tearing 2
Perforation 2

Complies with standards :
NF EN 420.
General requirements for gloves.
NF EN 388.
Protective glove against mechanical hazards.

Size of over-glove to be selected based on the class and size of the insulating gloves (see table)

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