Accessory for MV earthing and short-circuiting device

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Reference : PO D35

Orientable clamp for earthing and short-circuit device DHPO 7035 T for MV substation

The grippers are connected to the different phases using an extended 1.5m telescopic pole.
Earthing and short-circuiting in a transformer substation.
The swivel clamp adapts to cables diameters 5 to 35 mm
Short-circuit current: 12.5 k A / 1 s (complete device)

Cupro aluminum pliers with 12 mm hexagonal zinc-plated steel tip
Jaws adjustable up to 90 ° from the pole axis.
2 butterfly screws to lock the position.
Conductivity reinforced by two flat earth braids.
Each clamp has an NFC TAG Radio frequency standard ISO 14443-A (13.56 MHz) NFC FORUM type 2 – 888 Bytes mini.
Anti-rotation device
Dimensions: 192 x 110 x 75 mm

Complies with standard IEC EN NF 61230 Ed 2008


Ref Characteristics ENEDIS Nomenclature Weight  
PO D35 Without TAG NFC - 0.83 Kg
PO D35 T With TAG NFC 37.15.040 0.84 Kg
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