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Reference : R1910PHV (T)

Multi-purpose protective trousers (High visibility multi-hazard protective clothing)

Fabric: 79% cotton / 20% polyester / 1% antistatic fibre

Complies with standards

Protection against electric arcing and thermal hazards
   IEC 61482-1-2 class 1 (4 kA)
   IEC 61482-1-1 ATPV: 15 cal/cm²
   IEC 61482-2: 2009 Class 2-EBT fabric 22.2 Cal/cm²

Protection against heat and flames
   EN ISO 11612
   Level of flame protection: A1
   Convective heat protection: B1
   Radiating heat protection: C1
   Molten aluminum projection protection: D1
   Molten iron projection protection: E3
   Contact heat protection: F1

Electrostatic dissipation properties
   EN 1149-5

Protection against chemical products
   EN 13034 : Type PB6

Protection against small projections of molten metal
   EN ISO 11611: protection level A1 Class 2

Weather protection (Parka only)
   EN 343 : class 3/3

High visibility
   EN ISO 20471 : class 2

Suitable for work in ATEX zones

No accessible metal parts
Buttoned waist band, elasticated sides
2 side pockets, 2 breast pockets with cuffs and flaps
1 meter pocket with flaps
Knee pockets, back hem
1 breast pocket with flap
Inseam 80 cm + hem 5 cm
Retro-reflective strips (night)
Fluorescent fabric (day)
Colour: Fluorescent yellow / Navy blue
Marking band
Sizes 0 to 6


Ref Dimension Weight  
R1910PHV T0 Size 0 0.35 Kg
R1910PHV T1 Size 1 0.35 Kg
R1910PHV T2 Size 2 0.35 Kg
R1910PHV T3 Size 3 0.35 Kg
R1910PHV T4 Size 4 0.35 Kg
R1910PHV T5 Size 5 0.35 Kg
R1910PHV T6 Size 6 0.35 Kg

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