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Reference : KIT 18510 BC

Lockout kit for BC accreditation according to NFC 18510

You can change the kit according to your needs

Weight : -

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Photo Ref ENEDIS Nomenclature Quantity Description
CT 07.64.080 1 Insulated triangle socket wrench, spin type
R6005 - 1 Working area boundary - "Limite de zone de travail-Ne pas franchir"
SAC GANT - 1 Storage bag for insulating gloves
catalogue_r2077-2014-1_542409801f018_.jpg R2077 - 1 LV voltage absence tester and phase rotation up to 690V
DA30 IS 07.83.368 1 Hybrid fuse extracting pliers
STI - 1 Insulating mat carry case
CADP-76-RO - 1 Lockout padlocks, insulating body and steel hoop
CADP-38P-RO - 2 Lockout padlocks made from insulating material
MCME - 1 Lockout hasp jaws with information tags
MCMD 11 - 1 Lockout for mini circuit breakers
MCMD 20 - 1
MCMD 127 - 1
MCDL A - 1 Lockout for circuit breakers with toggle switches
MCDL B - 1
MCDL C - 1
CC180 - 1 Câble de consignation
EDC-10 - 10 Dangers défense d’enclencher
VEGA - 1 VEGA Electrician helmet with face shield Fitted with folding anti-flash textile to protect the ears
LF6636 - 1 LED headlamp
Choose - 1

Tool and PPE carrier
Length 45 cm / hauteur 24 cm / profondeur 26 cm
Empty weight : 1100 g / max load : 15 kg
Waterproof semi-rigid polyethylene body
Waterproof expandable flap made from polyester coated
with PVC on both sides
Polypropylene strap and trim, brass rivets, polyamide clasps
1 large compartment
1 central partition with front bandoleer and 2 rear pockets
1 shoulder carrying shoulder strap, two carry handles

Suitable for work in ATEX zones according to EN 13463-1
zones 0, 1, 2, gas group IIA according to Directive 1999/92/EC

Choose - 1

Class : 0
Withstand voltage : ≤ 1000V
Special properties: R - C

Specially treated composite insulating gloves to obtain high dielectric characteristics and for working
in complete safety without leather overgloves. The composite material confers on the gloves, great
flexibility despite the required thickness for guaranteeing real protection against mechanical hazards.
Moreover, the chemical formula of the outer coating gives the gloves an exceptional «grip», even in damp conditions.

Complies with standards : EN CEI 60903CE marking

Optional accessories :
Fingerless cotton undergloves Ref : R1263SG

A = Acid
C = Very low temperature T°
H = Oil
R = A+H+Z
Z = Ozon

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