Insulated tools 1000V NF EN CEI 60900

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Reference : SI

Insulating wedge with handle

Multifunctional tool for LV live working
Insulating tool: minimize the risks of short circuit
Disassembly of accessories full of viscous insulating material (FT BT 505)
Separate overhead and underground insulated conductors (FT BT 504)
N° ENEDIS 07.84.247 

Tool made of insulating material reinforced with fiberglass
Bevelled edge
Color: orange

IEC EN 60900 : Live working - Hand tools for use up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC
Complies with SERECT datasheet FT BT 505: underground cable preparation tool
Complies with SERECT datasheet FT BT 504: separator wedge

Weight : 0.092 Kg

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