Insulating protective equipment

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Reference : BANDE MP19

Insulating PVC sticky tape

In 20m rolls, 19 mm wide, 0.15 mm thick
Excellent resistance to oil and solvents. Good resistance to bad weather

IEC 60454-3-1-5/F-PVCP/90 classification
Complies with standard NFC 18-425 (CLASSE 0)


Ref Designation Weight  
BANDE MP19BC color white 0.105 Kg
BANDE MP19NO color black 0.105 Kg
BANDE MP19BL color blue 0.105 Kg
BANDE MP19JV color yellow green 0.105 Kg
BANDE MP19RO color red 0.105 Kg
BANDE MP19GR color grey 0.105 Kg
BANDE MP19MA color brown 0.105 Kg
BANDE MP19JA color yellow 0.105 Kg
BANDE MP19OR color orange 0.105 Kg
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