Insulating protective equipment

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Reference : AIMANT-IS

Insulating magnetic support

Max. operating voltage = 500 V
Fixing of LV insulating blankets on magnetic metal supports (metal boxes, metal structures,
etc.) as part of live work or lockout.
A magnet inserted into an insulating envelope allows the ribbon to be held on any magnetic
metal support without the risk of creating short circuits on parts with potential differences.
An insulating gripping tool ref. OP AIMANT can be used to move the large model magnetic
device in small spaces.
The number of devices to be applied depends on the surface of the insulating sheet

*Under the conditions of the adhesion test of the technical specification
Magnet inserted in a glass fibre filled polyamide insulating envelope.

Complies with the SERECT specification: ST TST 68012 02/2021
Complies with standard IEC EN 60900.


Ref Characteristics Designation ENEDIS Nomenclature Weight  
AIMANT-IS Force* : 3kg Large model 07.83.150 0.105 Kg
AIMANT-IS-P Force* : 2 kg Small model - 0.085 Kg
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Photo Ref ENEDIS Nomenclature Description  
OP AIMAINT - Gripper tool for magnets
SAC KT AIMANT - Storage and transport pouch with metal reinforcement

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