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Reference : BIC 50-90 HTA

Insulating bracelet for attaching MV cables

ENEDIS No: 68.86.661

Attachment of three-phase MV cables to a post at an overhead-underground rise or on a wall.

BIC 50-90 HTA consists of a rigid base which can be attached by a 20 mm strip to a post whose tensioning
automatically locks it in position and prevents it from sliding.
Also, a protective elastomer flange which covers the MV cable on each side, all surrounded by a second 20 mm strip.
The base is fitted with a central hole for attachment with a 6 mm screw.
Offset against support: 20 mm.

MV three-phase cables 3 x 240 mm²
Diameters 50 to 90 mm

Elastomer cover flanges 40 mm wide
Glass fibre reinforced rigid thermoplastic base
The kit is delivered assembled (base + flange) with installation instructions

Complies with data sheet ENEDIS MARCH 2009
ENEDIS approve

Weight : 0.095 Kg

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