Hard hat and safety equipment

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Reference : CAB

Hearing protection for hard hats

Fits on standard 30 mm side grooves of VEGA and ELEC hard hats.
Reinforced thermoplastic material

Complies with standards:
EN 352-3:2002
ANSI S3.19-1974
ANSI S12.6-2008
AS/NZ S1270:2002
CSA Class A


Ref Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics Dimension Weight  
CAB 28 V SNR 28 dB NRR 22 dB Attenuation low Color green 164 x 106 x 120 mm 0.3 Kg
CAB 32 J SNR 32 dB NRR 27 dB Attenuation Average Color yellow 164 x 106 x 120 mm 0.4 Kg
CAB 36R SNR 36 dB NRR 31 dB Attenuation High Color red 164 x 106 x 174 mm 0.48 Kg
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