Insulated tools 1000V NF EN CEI 60900

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Reference : KTF321

Insulated frontal ratchet cable cutters for copper/aluminum up to Ø 32 mm

Capacities :

Multi-strand copper cable: 250 mm²

Multi-strand aluminum cable: 320 mm²


Possibility of using the wedge Ref: COIN-KTF

Live-work cutting of the neutral 54.6 or 70 mm² ALMELEC carrier of a 

LV overhead distribution cable.


Accessories :

LF KTF321 (fixed blade) / LM KTF321 (mobile blade)

Carrying case  Ref. SAC-KT

Characteristics : Capacity : ø32 mm

Designation : Frontal ratchet cable cutters for copper/aluminium up to Ø 32mm

Dimension : 305 mm

Weight : 1.05 Kg

Produits associés

Photo Ref ENEDIS Nomenclature Description  
LMKTF321 - Mobile blade for KT and KTF
LFKTF321 - Fixed blade for KT and KTF
COIN-KTF - Insulating guiding wedge
SAC KT - Storage and carrying pouch

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