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Reference : VEGA C2

Electrician’s hard hat with integrated face shield class 2, equipped with folding anti-arc textile protectors for ear and neck protection

Next generation of electrician hard hats with built-in face shield to protect the user
against the effects of electric arcing in the low voltage range - class 2 (7 kA)


Hard hat:
2012, -30° C, 440 V AC electrical insulation, lateral deformation (LD), molten metal (MM)
EN 50365
, electrical class 0 with rated voltage up to 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC
EN 13463-1:
2011 ATEX zones 1, 2, 20, 21, 22

Face shield:
EN166: 2001,
2C-1,2 1 B 8-1- 0 9KN markings
class 2 (7 kA)
2002, UV filter

Technical advantages:
Balanced ABS shell combines strength and lightness.
Maximum protection against the effects of electric arcing (7kA) with a wide field of view.
Provides more than 75% light transmission for guaranteed colour recognition.
Transparent anti-scratch and anti-fog screen on both sides, which can be worn over safety glasses or prescription glasses.
Safety through easy positioning of the «all-or-nothing» screen, without automatic raising.
Foldable textile ear and neck protectors.
Excellent hold and stability with 4 point adjustable chin strap which can be fitted with a chin cup.
Comfort provided by padding at the nape of the neck and the position of the wheel under the occipital bone.
Added hygiene with replaceable and washable anti-sweat band and storage bag.
Life span: 3 years in storage + 5 years in use.
The hard hat and its face shield are certified to meet all current standards


Shell Dimensions:
- Width: 225 mm
- Height: 150
- Length: 298 mm
- Head sizes: 52 to 63 cm

Dimensions screen:
- Width: 290 mm
- Height: 210 mm
- Thickness: 3 mm

ACCESSORIES (supplied with the helmet)
6-point harness with wheel and headband
Ref : BAN VEGA Washable foam sweat band
Ref : ECR VEGA Class 1 face screen with attachment parts
Ref : JUG VEGA 4-point chin strap
Ref : SAC VEGA Carrying bag
Ref : 2PL VEGA C2 Fabric anti-arc side protectors (2)

4-point chin strap
Ref : PBL VEGA Badge / lamp holder (factory fitted)
Ref : ST(X) VEGA Red stickers (STR) or Grey stickers (STG)

Ref : LF6636 
LED headlamp with elastic headband
Ref : CAB Ear muffs for safety helmets


Ref Designation Weight  
VEGA C2 Electrician hard hat color white with face shield and side protectors 0.715 Kg
VEGA C2 R Electrician hard hat color red with face shield and side protectors 0.715 Kg
VEGA C2 B Electrician hard hat color blue with face shield and side protectors 0.715 Kg
VEGA C2 J Electrician hard hat color yellow with face shield and side protectors 0.715 Kg
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Produits associés

Photo Ref ENEDIS Nomenclature Description  
PBL VEGA - Badge / lamp holder (factory fitted)
MEN VEGA - 4-point chin strap
STR - Red or grey stickers
STG - Red or grey stickers
LF6636 - LED headlamp
CAB 28 V - Hearing protection for hard hats

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