MV earthing and short-circuiting device

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Reference : DHPF 7035

Earthing and short-circuiting device for HVA post with fixed clamps. ICC 12.5 k A / 1s

The short-circuiting device is composed of 3 aluminium alloy clamps ref PF D35P40 (T) for cables of diameter 5 to 35 mm or flat width 40 mm. They are connected to a trifurcation by sheathed copper cables of 70 mm² and 1.2 m long.
The clamps are attached using a telescopic pole ref. PT 4032 L15H (T), 5 m long extended, with a 12 mm hex end piece and an anti-rotation system.
The earthing device, connected to the trifurcation, is composed of a 35 mm² sheathed copper cable 2 m long and an earthing clamp ref. ET (T) for cable diameter 5 to 35 mm or flat up to 35 mm thickness.
Possibility of providing this device equipped with an NFC TAG:
Radio frequency standard ISO 14443-A (13,56 MHz) NFC FORUM type 2 – 144 Bytes mini.
The presence of the TAG enables identification and traceability of periodic calibrations

Accessories (supplied with DHPF 7035 P assembly)
References with a «T» are provided with an NFC TAG

Spare parts can be supplied for repair by our after-sales service
Other cable sections available on request. Contact us for details

Complies with standard: IEC 61230. ICC 12,5 k A/1s


Ref Characteristics Characteristics ENEDIS Nomenclature Weight  
DHPF 7035 P Device with Pole Device without NFC TAG - 13 Kg
DHPF 7035 P T Device with Pole Device with NFC TAG 37.15.052 13 Kg
DHPF 7035 Device without Pole Device without NFC TAG - 11.3 Kg
DHPF 7035 T Device without Pole Device with NFC TAG - 11.3 Kg
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Photo Ref ENEDIS Nomenclature Quantity Description
PT 4032 L15H T - 1 Telescopic insulating poles with reinforced tube and hexagonal tip
EP1000 - 1 Long waterproofed fabric pole case
ET T - 1 5 to 35 mm earthing clamp
PF D35P40 T 37.15.056 3 Fixed clamp for earthing and short-circuit device DHPF 7035 T for MV substation
MAT4047 - 1 Trifurcation assembly
ST1 - 1 Carry bag “trolley type” for tools and PPE

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