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Reference : DBTN

Earthing and short-circuiting device for bare overhead LV networks. ICC 3 k A / 1s

Short-circuiting device composed of spring clamps (ref. PR20P for 3 to 20 mm diameter cables) mounted on insulating poles for attachment to LV sheet of 5, 6 or 7 conductors.
The clamps are connected by 16 mm² short-circuit cables 700 mm long

A spring-clamp (ref PR20H) with hex bit is placed on the 2 m telescopic pole (ref PT 4032 L20H) supplied with the kit

Earthing can be done by connecting the socket junction connected to one of the clamps to the earthing device (ref E16L16B or T16L16B) supplied separately

Possibility of providing this device equipped with an NFC TAG:
Radio frequency standard ISO 14443-A (13,56 MHz) NFC FORUM type 2 – 144 Bytes mini.
The presence of the TAG enables identification and traceability of periodic verifications

Complies with standard: IEC 61230.  ICC 3 kA/1s.


Ref Characteristics Designation ENEDIS Nomenclature Weight  
DBTN 5 Without TAG NFC Device with 5 clamps - 4.7 Kg
DBTN 5 T With TAG NFC Device with 5 clamps 37.15.233 4.7 Kg
DBTN 6 Without TAG NFC Device with 6 clamps - 5.4 Kg
DBTN 6 T With TAG NFC Device with 6 clamps 37.15.235 5.4 Kg
DBTN 7 Without TAG NFC Device with 7 clamps - 5.8 Kg
DBTN 7 T With TAG NFC Device with 7 clamps 37.15.240 5.8 Kg
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Photo Ref ENEDIS Nomenclature Quantity Description
PT 4032 L20H - 1 Telescopic insulating poles with reinforced tube and hexagonal tip
EP1200L - 1 Long waterproofed fabric pole case
PR20P - 4 Spring clamp mounted on rod
PR20H - 1 Spring clip and hex bit for telescopic pole
CCS16L70 - 4 Cable and terminals 16 mm² lg 700 mm
CCDS16L70 - 1 Cable, terminal and socket junction, length 700 mm

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