Insulated tools 1000V NF EN CEI 60900

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Reference : CTPC-R

Cutting knife for cable protection tubes with case

This knife is designed for cutting ribbed and smooth protection tubes. This minimizes
the risk of damage to cables and sheaths inside the sleeves (risk of electric arc) and
the risk of injury from cutting tools, as recommended by ENEDIS n° 07.83.604 and
OPPBTP (prevention sheet G2F 01 14). 


Reinforced thermoplastic handle
Triangular double-edged blade. speckled
Two models are available:
CTPC-R with retractable blade for sheath up to diameter of 200 mm
Compliant with the IEC EN 60900 (double triangle) 1000 V standard

Remark :

Operations on cable protection tubes are not live working operations.

Accessories : 

Blade block CTPC R : Ref LCTPCR
Optional : Belt pouch ref ECTPC


Ref Designation Dimension Weight  
CTPC-R Cutting adjustable knife for cable protection tubes 143 x 56 mm 0.14 Kg
LCTPCR Interchangeable and adjustable blade block Size XL 0.02 Kg
ECTPC Belt pouch alone 145x50x35 mm 0.035 Kg

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