6 KV connectors

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Reference : CMCC CT

Measuring and short-circuiting connector for LV ABC cables

This connector is used to short-circuit or earth LV ABC cables.
It also allows voltage measurements to be made.
The connection is made by insulation piercing.
The dielectric strength in water is greater than 6 kV.
The clamping bolt is secured by a shear-off head screw.
The end socket is protected by an integrated cap preventing water penetration and corrosion

Complies with standard : NFC 33020


Ref Characteristics Conditioning ENEDIS Nomenclature Weight  
CMCC CT25 Capacity ENEDIS Main: 16-25 / Real capacity Main : 16-25 1 67.31.481 0.225 Kg
CMCC CT70 Capacity ENEDIS Main: 35-70 / Real capacity Main : 16-70 1 67.31.483 0.225 Kg
CMCC CT150 Capacity ENEDIS Main: 53-150 / Real capacity Main : 16-150 1 67.31.485 0.235 Kg
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