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Reference : MAT C3 T

Class 3 insulating mat with NFC tag

Elastomer electrical insulating mats used to cover the floor for electrical protection
of workers during electrical installation.
Examples of use: Measurements, LV and HTA live working HTA manoeuvres, etc
The maximum working voltage depends on the mat class (0, 2, 3 or 4).
A Color code is used to identify the class (see table).
Available in various dimensions up to 1x1 m or in 10 m rolls (class 0).
Category C for use up to -40°C.
Anti-slip on both sides.

The usage precautions and boxes provided for recording the checks are marked on
the mat (entry into service date and 3 checking dates).
A frame is formed by a marked area inside the mat (8 to 10 cm from the edge) and
steps denoting the user’s theoretical position in the centre. The precautions for use
recommend staying within the frame.

An NFC TAG is present on the mat enabling recording of periodic follow-up
calibrations: radio frequency standard ISO 14443-A (13.56 MHz), minimum
capacity 144 Bytes.

Supplied with instructions for use in protective packaging

Complies with standard IEC 61111 ed 2009


Ref Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics Dimension ENEDIS Nomenclature Weight  
MAT C3 1X06 T Class 3 Operating voltage AC MAX 26500 V / DC MAX 39750 V Green color 0,6 m x 1 m 37.13.040 3 Kg
MAT C3 1X1 T Class 3 Operating voltage AC MAX 26500 V / DC MAX 39750 V Green color 1 m x 1 m 37.13.041 5 Kg
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Photo Ref ENEDIS Nomenclature Description  
TU125 1200 - Storage tube for insulating profiles, blankets and mats
STI 600 07.37.165 Insulating carry bag for mat length 0,6 m
STI 1000 07.37.170 Insulating carry bag for mat length 1 m

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