Insulated tools 1000V NF EN CEI 60900

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Reference : DCF-IS

Hybrid cutting pliers for steel strip


Designed for clean and accurate cutting of metal screens on underground LV cables with synthetic insulation (e.g.: cable NFC 33-210). Suitable for LV live working.
Complies with IEC EN 60900 1000V.
Complies with SERECT datasheet FT BT 506.

Characteristics :

  • Composite insulated pliers made of insulting material with high mechanical and insulating properties.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle thanks to the soft touch overmoulding.
  • Blades made of 60HRC treated steel.
  • Bottom blade with a flat heel and round tip enabling to easily slide between steel strips without risks of damaging the cables insulation.
  • Blades offset from the handles thus enabling a progressive cut when the heel is flat on the cable, and leaving enough space for the hand.
  • Top blade with a slit to fold back tongues of metal strip.
  • Integrated release spring to ease handling, and locking system to keep the pliers closed when not in use.

Dimension : 760 mm

ENEDIS Nomenclature : 07.83.224

Weight : 0.19 Kg

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