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Reference : R4077

Fish tape with reel, Ø 4.5mm and Ø 6mm

PVC coated fibreglass fish tape with end fitting on both ends. Supplied on a storage reel


Ref Designation Dimension Weight  
R4077D420 Ø tape: 4.5mm 20 m -
R4077D425 Ø tape: 4.5mm 25 m -
R4077D430 Ø tape: 4.5mm 30 m -
R4077D440 Ø tape: 4.5mm 40 m -
R4077D450 Ø tape: 4.5mm 50 m -
R4077D460 Ø tape: 4.5mm 60 m -
R4077D630 Ø tape: 6mm 30 m -
R4077D650 Ø tape: 6mm 50 m -
R4077D660 Ø tape: 6mm 60 m -
R4077D670 Ø tape: 6mm 70 m -
R4077D680 Ø tape: 6mm 80 m -
R4077D6100 Ø tape: 6mm 100 m -

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