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Reference : CD4 20

Insulated ratchet torque wrench 4 to 20 Nm device

For precision tightening.
Automatic release torque wrenches, graduated adjustment, type II Class A, accuracy 4%, compliant with standard EN ISO 6789.

The torque, expressed in Nm ( Lb/ft ), is adjusted by turning the rear handle.
The relevant graduation should be aligned with the vertical mark on dial.
A locking system prevents any loss of adjustment.

The torque wrench works likes a ratchet spanner and when the torque is reached the handle is released by around 7°, accompanied by a mechanical sound signal.
The wrench automatically resets and is ready again for tightening.

It is not advisable to use a torque wrench for loosening.

A ratchet model or drive square is available for tightening right-hand threads.

The torque wrench is identified by a serial number and comes with its calibration certificate.
We carry out periodic calibration of the torque wrenches (advisable every year for normal use).
The torque wrench may be supplied in an individual box or along with the accessories of your choice (sockets, extensions bar, T spanners)

When not in use, keep the wrench adjusted to the minimum torque level.

Controlled tightening Left or right hand thread

Characteristics : Torque range: 4 à 20 Nm

Designation : Square drive: 3/8"

Dimension : 230 mm

Weight : 0.65 Kg

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