Crimping and hydraulic cutting tools

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Reference : DB35A

35 kN battery-powered straight hydraulic press

Hexagonal crimping :  from 4 to 150 mm2
Force : 35 kN.
Stroke : 8 mm

18V - 2Ah Li-Ion battery.
Charging time 40 minutes.
On/Off start button. Grip coating.
Fast open and close head, 180° swivel.
Balanced centre of gravity.
Quick motor stop function: instant cut-out of the motor.
Manual return at the end of the crimping cycle.
Indicator diode: maintenance/ battery charge level/crimping error.
Safety system preventing any overpressure.
Auto standby of the tool after 10 minutes.
Lighting of the work area by LED.
USB connection, dedicated software for analysis and preventive maintenance.
Hooking clip for shoulder strap or life line.
Weight (with battery) : 2,1 kg.
Size : 340 x 75 x 128 mm.

Supplied in case with battery and charger.
Size : 471 x 415 x 116 mm
Weight : 2,05 kg

Accessories :
18V Li-Ion 2 Ah battery : Ref : BAT18V20A
220V 18V Li-Ion 60 mn charger : Ref : C220V18V
12V-18V Li-Ion cigarette-lighter charger : Ref : C12V18V
Shoulder strap : Ref : BPC


Ref Designation Weight  
DB35A 35kN battery-powered straight hydraulic press -
BPC Shoulder strap -

Produits associés

Photo Ref ENEDIS Nomenclature Description  
BAT18V20A - 18V Li-Ion battery
C220V18V - 220V charger for 18V Li-Ion battery
C12V18V - 12V - 18V cigarette lighter charger for 18V Li-Ion battery

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